Sunday, May 18, 2008

Away but here again!

Well I have been off line for a while and I need to get back into the swing of things. Life has continued to go on here w/ lots of fun things going on. It is finally summer, and we are so excited! It has been 90 here this week and the flowers and garden are looking nice- so much better than the dreary snow!!
I started a new job in March (part of the reason I have been off line). I am an administrator to the Director of Operations here at Wapato Point Resorts. It was really hard in the beginning, getting up and getting ready for the day first thing in the morning. I was use to getting ready when I had a chance, and now I had a time schedule to get the kids to the bus, daycare, and myself to work- quite a challenge!! I have gotten use to work and now if feels as if I never left the workforce. It's just so natural and I am enjoying what I do for the most part. Every job has likes and dislikes but overall I enjoy working again.
The kids are excited that school is almost over and can't wait to go to the beach and water parks this year. It will be so much nicer and easier now that everyone is a lot older and can do more w/ out help. I am actually looking forward to the beach also. Here are a few pictures of the kids over the last couple of months. I plan to upkeep my blog every couple or so weeks. Email us w/ what you have been up to lately.

Side Note: Beastie Boys is for all of you w/ memories of the 90's :)

Snow in April

4 Wheeling

Deasel dressed up as Princess Belle (he did this on his own)

Kids after church

Chickens this year (15 to be exact)

Watermelon Smiles

Driving the Go Cart

Deasel cut his own hair - He was so excited!

Buzz cuts after the hair cut incident

Reptile Man Show

Aadan DESPERATE to go swimming!


Ryan and Triana said...

Those pictures are great and I love the reptile park. It reminds me of the good ol' days.

Andrea said...

Glad your the pictures. I can't believe how huge they all are!