Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

Yesterday was our ward Pine Wood Derby. There are only 5 boys in Cub Scouts so we make a ward activity out of the pine wood derby where everyone is invited to participate. We had over 40 cars weighed in with all sorts of sizes and styles. Brian was in charge of the races and I signed everyone in. This year we purchased a program that set's up the races, randomly selects the cars, and times the races. It was so nice! Instead of Brian and I running around trying to figure everything out at the last minutes, it was nicely typed up and running smoothly from the program. Brian and Tom spent a few nights testing the track, timing mechanism, and the program and we could not have pulled it off with out Tom's help.

The kids designed, help build, and painted their cars. This year Euan wanted a tank (Battle Zone) which came in third in the unlimited category. Deasel had Mad Max and Monroe had the Pet Shop Cruiser. They both won a couple of heats each. Aadan wanted Rolie (of course) so his was the Rolie Blaster. His car didn't do to well but he didn't care he just wanted to race the car down the track all the time! It was a great activity and we had a lot of fun. We are all looking forward to next year and thinking of which car we will build.


Andrea said...

Wow! Those cars look awesome. We need you guys in our ward.That sounded like a fun activity!

jeanbean said...

Riley wants to know if you still have a lot of cats???

Ryan and Triana said...

hey! how are you doing wendy?