Monday, December 10, 2007

Time Flys By

Time has gotten away from me. Brian went to Alaska for work in November and the kids have just been sick one after the other. Poor Euan has gotten the brunt of it all.
Time is again passing by quickly as it is the holiday season. Winter started early for us this year w/ a downfall of snow. We had almost 14 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. It never stopped snowing, I felt so trapped and useless. The cars, driveway, and everything else was totally covered!

Our wonderful neighbor plowed out the driveway for us. He was still plowing @ 10 o clock in the evening. Bless his heart, if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have been able to get out for a few days. The snow has now melted and frozen and become a gross, wet, crunchy, and slippery mess. I can not wait for summer again. Give me 90 degree weather any day of the week over cold yucky snow!

Brian has been busy building his new love...his shop! After living here for 3 years, Brian is finally getting to build his dream shop on our land. It will be really nice having him walk out the back door to go to work. He has had some wonderful help from his friends and family working on this. He could not have done any of this with out them. Thank you to all who have taken time away from your work and families to help Brian on this project. It means a lot to both of us!

I am making it a goal to update our blog more often.
We hope all of you and your families are enjoying this holiday season!


Ryan and Triana said...

That is really cool! That will be a great blessing to have Brian working right there. I bet the kids are exited.

Andrea said...

Wow. Brian is so talented....thats so cool that he knows how to do that.