Thursday, December 27, 2007


This week has been filled with lots of fun shared with family and friends. We all made a few goodies for our neighbors and we all went around caroling. I remember as a kid the Hopson's family would carol to us every year, it was fun to watch and the kids thought it would be fun to do and they were so excited. It was nice to see some of our neighbors and see their faces light up with surprise and joy when we sang to them.

Christmas day came and the kids were so excited. They ran into our room telling us that Santa had come. How fun it was to see their joy and anticipation over what he brought them. They all piled up on the stairs to see what treasures awaited. Then they ran down and started tearing presents open right and left. It was so much fun watching their reactions and listening to their "cool", "sweet", "awesome", "what is this?" and so on.

We spent the morning together and then visited with Brian's family. It was really nice to spend time together and also share this holiday with close family members. The memories will be cherished!

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jeanbean said...

Hey geeks!! I got your blog off your Christmas Card. Thanks a bunch. I sent you a card did it get to you?? I didn't know if my address was updated. Anyways, I love seeing your kids and how they have grown they are super cute and have your cute dimples. Here's our family blog, I'm addicted too!
We are moving to Utah this month Kyle just got a job and well we are ready to get closer to family again. I love to see that Brian still has his attachments to Vegas! LOVE IT!! sorry this is a book!
love jean
PS do you still have the death mobile??