Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Resolution!

With the hints (not so subtle) from my husband, I have decided that I will work on updating our blog on a regular basis. Be warned that sometimes nothing happens so I might just blog about my creative endeavors such as crafting, baking, redoing rooms, or just transporting kids from one activity to the other (Life of all mothers - transporting)!

We did ring in 2010 with the kids this year. I have to say that I was surprised that everyone stayed up to midnight, even poor Monroe who was sick with a fever and just plain not feeling good- what a good sport! We watched 'Alien's in the Attic' and I have to say that it was pretty funny to watch with the kids. If you have young kids and haven't seen it, rent it! It was one that we ended up watching a few times and the kids just laughed and laughed! The kids also made 2010 glasses and their own party blowers. Monroe was feeling to yucky to get in on the picture.

Over the last holiday weekend I talked Brian into taking the day off of work and we all went up to the local ski pass and the kids went tubing. It had rained the night before and then froze so the sled hill was really slick and the kids just FLEW down the hills. There were four tubing lanes and each one had different bumps and curves which was loved by all. A lot of the kids friends from school were there and they had fun playing with them and tying the tubes together.

We also recently took a trip to the Seattle area to visit family and friends. The kids have been asking us to stop at the Reptile Zoo for ages and we finally did stop. It was pretty cool lots of snakes (large ones) alligators, turtles and such but the coolest part was that the kids were able to hold real snakes at the end. Deasel is in LOVE with snakes and even asked Santa Clause to bring him one for Christmas so he was super excited! I even ended up holding one with my hands only ( I would not let that thing on my neck!) I can now see us having a snake in a couple of years when Deasel is older and can feed it himself (GROSS!) Here are some pictures of the kids w/ their snakes.

So you can see we have been having some good times as a family and we are all EAGERLY waiting for spring to come! One of the younger kids ask me at least once a week, "Is it spring yet?" I can only wish!!! I can't wait for the summer and sitting by the lake each day. Hurry Sunshine we MISS you!!!!


Ryan and Triana said...

That is great Wendy. The kids look good. Tell them hi from their uncle Ryan.

heather said...

We did those 2010 glasses too! I absolutely love, love, love Family Fun!

ldsgoff said...

Brian and Wendy I found you! Please contact us. We would love to hear from you. Staci Goff