Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So it has been a while since I've been online blogging. I just was busy with life continuing on here. Christmas came and went in a flurry and we enjoyed getting to spend the time together as a family and I also enjoyed having 4 days off of work!

Euan and Monroe received MP3 players and I can't get them to take it out of their ears!

Deasel is such a great artist and LOVES his crayola artist kit

Euan turned 8 this December and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by his father. He was so excited and proud and definitely wanted his family a part of the program and had a wonderful day. It was nice to get together and have his Uncle Art fly in special for his day! I wish we had better pictures as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity but this is what came out.

Brian was home for three weeks over Christmas and New Years break and we really loved having him with us all the time. It was sad for all to say goodbye to him on Monday, back to the grind though. We are just grateful that during this unsteady time that he has great friends and co workers and a wonderful job that he enjoys going to work at.

We are getting ready to refinance the house to combine the shop loan and house loan into one at a great low percentage rate so we have been busy cleaning and redoing bathrooms, etc. Brian's family has been great and a wonderful help in rearranging and organizing our home. It could not have been done with out all their help and some help of a few great friends!!! Here is a picture of the remodeled bathroom. I wish I had one of the before shot.

Soon it will be Aadan's 4th birthday (my how time flies) and I will be back with more photos.

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