Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a FUN week

Where to start....

I guess I should start with our family vacation. This is the first year that we took an official family vacation. We've gone to Seattle and visited friends and did the Seattle scene but never anything that was planned as just our time away. So this year Great Wolf Lodge opened up here in Washington. It's a huge hotel w/ an indoor water park that is at a constant 85 degrees. The water is pretty warm too. They have 8 slides one of which is the TORNADO, Euan's favorite! A great kid area and a wave pool. It was crazy, where ever you were there was water shooting out of some wall, spout, water gun, bucket, floor, etc. You definitely were wet at all times. It was a blast, you never knew when or where you would get hit. You can take a look at it It was so very wet that I didn't take the camera in to get some shots of the kids but I did get this one the day that we were leaving.

I tried to get some more of the hotel but my battery died. What timing!
Oh, also when we went to Great Wolf, we stopped by our hairdresser Michael's house and bleached Euan's hair white. He looks pretty cool with it and he definitely pulls it off!
Look closely and you will see a Butterfly on his head. I guess it liked the light color too!

When we got back from Great Wolf Lodge, school started! Euan has a nice new teacher and Monroe was lucky enough to get her Kindergarten teacher for first grade. She was excited because she really likes Mrs. Madden. Euan was fine going back to school but Monroe did NOT want to go. She wanted to stay home with me all day. She even cried a couple of times at school because she was sad. That makes me sad:( She still doesn't want to go to school but she is slowly doing better. Today she didn't wine to stay with me so we are making progress.

This weekend was Thunder in the Sun festival here in Manson. It's a biker rally, Mud Bog, Demolition Derby. Lots of fun and one of our friends was crazy enough to try and jump a 70 foot single wide trailer with a VW Scirocco.
Here is a video of the jump. He is in the orange car in the upper left hand corner.

So... that stunt gave inspiration to Euan.

It is Brian's Mom's 80th Birthday this year. All the kids gathered together and tried to put on a surprise birthday party with family and friends. It didn't end up being a surprise but it still worked out good. Everyone was there and we were laughing and having a great time. I took some great pictures of the event and some darling ones with the kids and Grandma. She is an amazing woman who doesn't look or even act like someone who is 80! She is great and a huge help to us. The kids LOVE going to Grandma's house and sometimes fight over who gets to go and stay there when we go to Walmart! I appreciate all the help she gives us and I couldn't do it without her, she is wonderful!

The Grandgirls w/ Grandma

Mom with a family quilt Chris made

Grand and Great Grand girls together

Euan and Aunt Shauna haveing a GOOD time

Euan loving Grandma


jeanbean said...

Fun times,awesome hair,great jumps, sweet boots! You guys have been busy!

Andrea said...

Wow that all looks like so much fun! Love the hair.

Ryan and Triana said...

I'm jealous! That looks super fun!!! I love your background by the way. It's really cute!