Monday, July 28, 2008


Yes that is right we went Camping! If you know anything about Brian or I it is that we are not campers. We have had absolutely no desire to ever go camping. Well with the kids asking and them getting a little older we thought we would give it a go this year. We packed up the car to the gills w/ everything and more of the stuff I thought we might need. I haven't been camping in umpteen years so I didn't really know what to expect so I packed for everything. In retrospect I brought WAY too much stuff!!
I had heard from one of my co-workers that he liked going to Sun Lakes which is by Grand Coulee Dam so I though what the heck, and I reserved a camping spot in the middle of July! We don't really have neighbors where we live since we are on an acre and everyone around us has acreage, so it was quite a shock to have campers all the way around us just 20 feet away.

We left after I got off work on Friday and arrived there around 8 and set up the tent. The kids were so excited it was hard to get them calmed down to sleep. Finally everyone passed! The next day we were up early (before anyone else around us) and started the day out w/ a pancake breakfast YUMMM!

We spent most of the day at the lake playing in the water & then we had BBQ dogs for dinner.

Kids at the Beach

Funny Aadan

Dad playing sand castle

Deasel excited about the small fish he caught

Euan playing army

Adorable Monroe

Later we played minature golf. This was the first time they played golf and I was excited for them. Surprisingly they did really well and were adorable! They had a lot of fun and Aadan decided his ball needed to take a swim in the pond.

Playing golf- Miss strike a pose Monroe, Deasel -whatever-, Euan looking surprised, and Aadan riding a horse.

We ended the second night with everyone's favorite camping treat...S'MORES!

Monroe posing again!

Boys sleeping- or trying to.

Aadan w/ yummy smores.


jeanbean said...

FUN!! You guys probably have a great camp spot in your backyard. Just pitch a tent up in the back and lock the kids out of the house with some weiners and marshmellows and call it good :)

Andrea said...

Wow you are brave...camping with kids is hard. Looks like you had a great time. I love the smores pictures. Too cute!