Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last day of School!

Monroe graduated from kindergarten this past Thursday. I was able to leave work for an hour and see her graduate. She was so embarrassed that we were there that she wouldn't smile cute at all! I caught a rare moment when she forgot I had the camera. She seemed to have fun though singing the songs and getting her diploma. She is now a 1st grader and I can't believe it!! Here is a video clip of her singing one of her graduation songs. OK- I couldn't get the video to load up. I guess it was too big! It was cute though.

Euan had a end of year assembly where they hand out different awards for different things. This year some of you know that he did a jog n walk and earned donations for this event. It was to raise money to help the school to purchase some new playground itms. With all of your help, he raised $250.00!! The most out of everybody in the school. He one a HUGE hula hoop and was pretty excited about it in the assembly. I didn't think he would be able to do it since it was so huge but he rocks that hula hoop! Thanks to all of you who help donate to this cause!

We also went to Seattle last weekend to the annual Tast'n Rac'n festival that their Aunt Chris puts on. It's a hydro plane boat race w/ vendors, food, and live bands. They also have some kids activities. Their favorite by far was the pony rides, you can see the excitement on their faces!

It was also my birthday on Saturday. I actually enjoyed it this year. For a while I have been kind of down about getting older but this year I was like I'm not old, I'm only 32! I need to reprogram my thinking of old- I am NOT old!! The kids greeted me w/ hugs and kisses and wishes of Happy Birthday first thing in the morning. What a cute bunch of kids! Thanks to everyone who called, sent a card of good wishes, and gave gift certificates. Brian took me to Wenatchee with out the kids- no easy feat! and I was able to finally find a good pair of flip flops that I love! I also picked out a griddle for the family so we can make a lot of pancakes, french toast, bacon, and eggs at once. No more waiting for each piece to get done and hearing when is mine going to be ready. I'm pretty excited about it. I also picked out a little gift for each child and received in the mail a 'Music and Lyrics' piano book w/ my favorite song 'Way back into love' from the movie. You can hear this song on my playlist. I am also contemplating getting some new Martha Stewart mixing bowls that I desperately need. I don't know where all my bowls have gone over the years. I had a fun day w/ everyone and enjoyed spending an evening w/ just Brian and I.

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Andrea said...

Hi Wendy! Sorry we didn't call on your birthday. I was in the hospital...but Happy Birthday. Preston and I loved Music and Lyrics and when Preston was picking out your present he said," I bet Wendy likes this movie." 32 is soooo NOT old. Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are 40....32 that is a baby age! Happy Birthday - I'm glad you had a nice time!