Thursday, November 8, 2007


Another fun filled Halloween has come and gone. I'm a little behind on updating this blog but later than never works for me!
The kids entered a pumpkin carving contest at Allisons (a local furnishing store) and they won!
This is a picture of them but Euan is not there because he had play practice that evening (a later blog entry). They were so excited and cute. The owner let them choose one of the stuffed animals that they carry as a prize.
From there we picked up Euan and went to downtown Chelan for trick or treating. Trick or treating is done a little different here. The local store owners open up their store and the kids trick or treat from store to store down the main drag. We stoped about mid way through at the Eagles club where they were serving hamburgers or hotdogs, soda, and chips for $3.00 for Halloween. Best deal in town!:) We then drove over to the Whaley Mansion. This is a mansion, as you can guess, that goes all out for Halloween and Christmas each year. They had over a hundred carved pumpkin, toys, treats, homemade truffles, and pictures. Here is the picture that they took.
If you can't guess, Euan chose to be He-man, Monroe was princess Belle, Deasel was Spiderman, and Aadan was a cowboy. Poor Euan kind of looks like a girl in this shot w/ his wig. I don't have a good picture of him in his costume. It was a great costume and a lot of people (mainly adults) knew who he was, I was surprised.
After Whaley Mansion we drove over to the church for a ward halloween party and trick or treating. Needless to say we ended up w/ way too much candy when the night was over! Surprisingly the kids went to bed good that night but the days following were crazy w/ all the candy eating!


Andrea said...

They look so great! Your town sounds like such a fun place to be on Halloween! I wish our town did stuff like that.

Ryan and Triana said...

Your kids are so cute! Ryan was saying that Monroe looks so much like you. I am also really jealous of her. I always wanted to be Belle for Halloween but for some reason or another I never got the costume. I think I remember them being super expensive when I was little. I'm going to have to borrow her costume just so I can live my childhood dream!:0