Sunday, October 7, 2007

Euan's Soccer Game

This is Euan's third year playing soccer here in Manson. Although, this is the first year that they are playing in games against other teams. Most of the teams they play against are in Chelan. So far they have won both of their games, as they have a good ringer on the team that always makes the goals. As I tell Euan though, it is the team who works together to help this kid shoot the goals. Euan is a good player. He is always chasing that ball up and down the field, which is no easy task, and TRYING to kick the ball for his team mates. I say trying because he is having some difficulty w/ his timing. He always seems to miss the ball, but he tries real hard and has fun. I am posting our favorite photo of Euan trying to kick the ball. Take a close look at what he ended up connecting with. It is pretty funny!


Andrea said...

Hahah so funny....Preston said that boy won't be having any children!!

rgolding said...

It doesn't even look like Euan is try to kick the soccer ball. Are you sure he knows the rules.
I think Jaqui has been wanting to get a blog up and going as well.

Brett said...

Wendy and Brian -

Thanks so much for inviting us to your blog. We have been thinking about you guys lately - it was this time two years ago that we were out there. Can't believe Aadan is almost three - man time flies! Sweet picture - I think you need to be more specific in your instructions though when you tell Euan to kick the ball.

Love the McNeills